Vowels 9M


A Vowels 9M Initiative

Nominate a pregnant women for All-Expense paid delivery** | Vowels 9M | Foundation day offer*

Read the T&C below and Schedule Appointment for Pre – Screening

  • This campaign is a part of Foundation day celebrations and a CSR initiative by Vowels 9M.
  • To avail this offer patients have to register by paying ₹501.
  • ₹ 501 is the consultation charge towards meeting a specialist as a qualifier.
  • This offer is inclusive of consultation for 9 months, specialist doctor assisted delivery with 2 days of recovery at Vowels9M HSR.
  • All services excluded in aforementioned will be chargeable.
  • The number of all-expense paid deliveries will be decided by Vowels 9M and cannot be challenged or disputed.
  • This Offer is for normal deliveries at full-term only at Vowels9M HSR facility only.
  • Pre-mature delivery or neonatal care will not be part of the offer and the expense have to be borne by the patient.
  • Diagnostic charges, consultation consumables to be borne by the patient.
  • The registering patient has to sign up and consent for usage of this arrangement in the future marketing campaigns of Vowels.
  • All changes/ modifications to the offer and its Validity is a decision of management and cannot be disputed or challenged.